Monthly Archives: September 2013


We have the bad habit of giving Taquito bits and pieces of food from the table. But ever since we got Alfalfa I made a point of never sharing our food with her. If it falls on the floor due to a genuine accident it’s fair game, but we won’t reward begging.

So, at dinner the other night we were eating chicken. Taquito likes chicken, and Alma wanted to give her some. We do this by cutting it into small pieces and putting them next to Taquito. She’s usually on a chair when we do this, well within Alfalfa’s range.

Time to put the training Alfalfa’s received to the test. “Sit!” and she sat. “Stay!” …and she stayed! The cat could eat her chicken in peace. And I was proud of the dog.

(As a mostly irrelevant aside, we learned last night that the Taquito will eat pieces of tlacoyo de frijol. Weird cat.)