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A transient and not really unpleasant fishy smell in Puerto Escondido a few days ago reminded me of A Shadow Over Innsmouth, so I started to read it.

I first read it about fifteen years ago. My assessment of Lovecraft then was that he was strong on ideas, weak on character, plot, and style. But a revision of my opinion was in order. Stylistically Lovecraft was much stronger than I had realized. Indeed, I was surprised by how Borgesian Shadow was, especially in its opening pages.

A worthy rediscovery.

greek grumblings

I bought an Android phone in January. I did not like it. At least it was cheap. (See here; defns 1, 3, and 5 are all relevant).

How cheap? It couldn’t even display polytonic Greek! Madness, I know.

This was a not insignificant factor in my decision to get a new iPhone (I lived with the same phone from 2009 through 2013 and now I’ve had two new ones in 2014) only a few months later.

Also at play was the all around Windowsiness of Android.

On the other hand: holy crap has iOS improved. It’s far more useful as a platform than it was when my first iPhone was new. And the current aesthetic is a good one.

the wikitravel mexico city article problem

Wikitravel’s Mexico City articles are full of information that is only relevant to people who live here or who are coming to visit from less developed and (even) less cosmopolitan places.

Nobody visiting from the US or Europe would ever waste a moment at most of the places mentioned at—certainly at none of the malls.

What it’s really about, of course, is signaling. How else can we explain this disgrace of a paragraph?

Although it is easy to assume that Mexico City is the world capital of tacos, you can find almost any kind of food in this city. There are regional specialties from all over Mexico as well as international cuisine, including Japanese, Chinese, French, Polish, Italian, Argentinean, Belgian, Irish, you name it. The main restaurant areas are located in PolancoCondesaCentroZona Rosa, along Avenida Insurgentes from Viaducto to Copilco and more recently Santa Fe.

Yeah, this city is cosmopolitan and wikitravel readers will now know it!

What we have here is a somebody is wrong on the internet problem and as such I don’t think it has a direct solution. But I do think it’s solvable. I’ll write about that later, probably months or years from now.