Here are slides from some talks I've given. They're all in Spanish.

git.pdfI gave a talk about git at a Barcamp in Mexico City in May of 2009. Of the three, I think that this one was by far the best. (The last two pages were meant as filler in case I ran under and had some time to fill. Between the meat of the presentation and Q&A there was no need.) If I were to ever give this talk again, I'd make two main changes. First, I'd change revisión to versión, a more apt word. Second, and more important, I'd explain that not only the current state of code (and your name and so on) but also previous versions are fed into SHA1.

pcv.pdfI spoke at FSL Vallarta November 2010 about NoSQL, and in particular about CouchDB. I wish I'd spent more time on CouchDB and less about NoSQL, whatever that means. But if I had, maybe nobody would have turned up.

node.pdfI spoke at another Mexico City Barcamp in November of 2010, this time about Node.js. I don't think I'd change much content-wise, but this was a bit of a rush-job. Also, (having learned from what went well in previous talks and what didn't) I planned for a projector with low resolution; naturally, the venue had a nice projector with high resolution instead. I had no idea that this could cause problems, but it did!